Getting Over It

You’re looking at the title and rolling your eyes. Sheesh, this person is telling you to get over it? They don’t know what you’re going through with arthritis, how could they?

Good point, and I’m more interested in telling you that you need to get over your reliance on grain and cheese. A problem that plagues a lot of us, especially those who may not be impacted medically, is the fact that we don’t want to give up the foods we’ve eaten all our lives. That delicious bread, the aged cheese, the bean salad. Surely, we don’t have to give up… all of it? Maybe we can have a cheat day every week?

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Unfortunately, no. Those with arthritis can tell you right now that if you’re on the paleo diet, the moment you stop for a minute is when you’ll be hit with a flare up and a jolt into your stomach that makes you feel like a hurricane is passing through your intestinal tract. Your joints will stiffen and begin to ache after a matter of hours, and you’ll go from feeling awesome to feeling horrible. In one way, the speed at which our bodies change is astounding but also a little worrisome if you take into consideration that eating something bad can knock your body’s spirit so abruptly and you were previously doing it for who knows how many years… For every meal.

So for those of you who have already started on the paleo diet… Great! Keep it up. We all have cravings and I urge you to be careful with your cheat days. Don’t have a full-blown meal that involves eating what you shouldn’t. Go for something like a gluten-free pizza and the consequences will be significantly less while you still get your “cheat” for the week or month. It is a good thing to indulge cravings, as it provides a lot of flexibility in how long you can handle being on a diet. Luckily, the paleo diet isn’t based on calorie counting and obsessively organizing meals and feeling hungry afterwards. You can confidently switch to the paleolithic diet without worrying whatsoever about going hungry or not getting what your body needs, since the very point of this diet is to provide exactly what you need.

But… Then we have the ones who haven’t started. Maybe you’re nervous, maybe you just don’t want to give up those foods because they’re what you know and they’re delicious. Trust me, I know the feeling. So do thousands of other people who tried switching to the paleo diet. Most, if not all, break the routine and go back to their old eating habits after a while, but there is one critical difference when this happens.

With their return to their old diet, they realize one thing: They feel worse than they did when they tried the paleo diet, regardless of the fact that technically speaking, the paleo diet should be the change that makes you feel worse. They found that going back to their old habits made their stomachs feel unsettled, their bones a little sore and stiff, and, pardon the reference, but their bowel movements became more irregular and problematic.

More often than not, these people will return to the paleo diet, and embrace it because of how amazing it makes them feel. Looking through success stories will grant you insight that could turn the tide for you. There have been women who switched to the paleo diet and dropped several sizes within two months. There have been men who switched to the paleo diet and returned to their physical lifestyle within the next year. What you eat is what you are, and if you eat right, the only way is up from where you are right now. Keep that in mind the next time you shove away the paleo diet because you want another slice of bread.

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