There are so many great Paleo products out there at the moment. Shop, find and buy everything you need for your Paleo journey right here. Here are a few of my favourite Paleo products.

Paleo Recipe Books

I love downloading recipe books – you can print off your favourite recipes time and time again – handy if you’re a messy cook like me. There are some great Paleo Recipe books available now…


Intro To Paleo

For your first 30 days of Paleo – or if you just want to refocus, there are some brilliant guides to step you through the process.



Weight Loss

Lots of people start their Paleo journey to lose weight. Sean Croxton’s guide is a great tool to help do this – in a Paleo capacity. Many people also find Intermittent fasting an invaluable tool for weight loss. The book “Eat Stop Eat” tells you everything you need to know about Intermittent Fasting.


Learn More About Paleo

There are some great summits with lots of video, audio and written material to teach you more about Paleo and Real Food.

Real Food Summit Paleo Summit


Quitting Sugar

Quitting Sugar is a great first step into Paleo. These are some great guides to help you along the way.


Paleo Babies

This guide tells you everything about Pregnancy and having a healthy Paleo baby.


Paleo On A Budget

Robb Wolf’s guide on doing Paleo on a budget will give you lots of tips to reduce your food bill – whilst optimising your health.

The Paleo Diet Budget Shopping Guide


Online Supplier

I use iHerb for things like Coconut Oil ,Coconut Aminos, Herbs and Supplements. Get $5 off your first order using the link below


The Personal Paleo Code

Need a little help? Chris Kresser will customise your Paleo experience

Learn more about the Personal Paleo Code

And Last But Not Least

A few other Paleo and fitness related products you might like…

Have you tried any of these products? Which is your favourite Paleo book, program or product? Are there any Paleo products you’d LOVE to see?

I’ve love to hear any feedback you have about selling Paleo Products and I’ll do my best to update this page accordingly.

Similarly, if there are any physical product (perhaps foods, supplements, kitchen equipment, gym equipment, clothing or recipe books), please let me know – and if demand is high enough I’ll start selling it via the Paleo network.